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Pram Vs Stroller

Pram vs Stroller 

Below are two pictures of pram and stroller which will give you some idea about the differences between these  two.

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       Pram                                                                                                Stroller


Hope with the design and construction, you will be able to notice some difference.

Let’s now go into more details in this blog.

Both Pram and stroller are carriage, you would possibly need to think of buying once when you are planning to bring your babies with you. Prams and strollers enable oldsters or guardians to hold infants and toddlers once walking round the park or strolling within the mall or any other places of interest and finally at home too.


Pram is nothing but a short form of the British word pushchair, is additionally called carriage. Prams have carriages with soft flat bottom which permit you set your infants to sleep well in lying position whereas you walk them around with you. They even have wide cover, typically covering the carriage, to shield the infants from the sun or mud or from insects. They even have wheels mostly 4 or 6 in numbers that allows you to simply push the carriage.


Stroller is also called as  pushchair or buggy. This is also British word. Strollers are designed as chairs wherever a toddler  can sit. The seats have restraint system consisting of harness, belt, and crotch strap that secures the child in sitting position. They even have hoods or cover  that protect the infants from weather and that they even have wheels that build transporting pleasantly convenient.

Difference between wheeled vehicle and Stroller

Pram and stroller are used interchangeably but, their main distinction is that prams are meant to carry new born babies till they are not able to sit properly. At this stage , their back is not enough strong to take the load of the upper portion of the body, whereas strollers are used  to carry toddlers or infants those are little grown up and easily  able to stay awaken. Another important distinction between these two  is prams are large in size so, the weight is more which makes it little difficult to handle while taking kid  to the shops or mall or managing  them within the car whereas strollers are light-weight and most models of strollers are tip-up can be  collapse  . Further, carriages are high from ground level whereas seats are low to bottom in strollers.

Let’s summaries simply –

  • When a baby is born not able to crawl and always in lying condition, Prams are used

  • Strollers are for babies, toddles who can sit. Little grown up.

  • Stroller are big in size and heavy in weight as compare to stroller

  • Stroller, buggy and pushchair words can be used for same purpose but Pram is always associated with new born babies.

Popular Brand

There are many models available in the market. Some popular brand in India are –

Luvlap , R for Rabbit, Tiffy & Toffee, BAYBEE, Fisher-Price, Little Pumpkin, Chicco, Quinny, Mee Mee, Graco, Sunbaby , Doll Strollers Pro

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