Syga Manual Breast Pump with Nipple (White)

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  • More Natural to Use — This pump is specially designed to collect the leaking milk even as nursing on the other side. It pumps out the milk from your breast by the natural pressure.
  • Soundless even as pumping — Your baby deserves to have a quiet moment instead of the noisy motor sound even as nursing.
  • Especially soft and comfortable — Built-in soft & Eco-friendly petal-shaped silicone, trumpet fits more tightly and does not leak, which makes sucking thoroughly and comfortable.
  • Perfect for traveling — This compact pump is perfect for flight shuttle,hiking,family BBQ,fishing, camping or other outdoor activities. You do not need to worry about running out of the batteries or breaking the pump unintentionally on traveling.


  • Capacity: 5oz / 150ml.

1. Clean the pump and lid with water. Wash by hand or dishwasher (recommend to put it on the top rack of the dishwasher).
2. Sterilize the pump in boiling water for 3-5 mins, DO NOT steam or microwave.
3. Adjust the pump and put your nipple towards the center of the pump. Squeeze the center of the pump and release it to create a suction to attach the pump to your breast.
4. That’s it and let the pump do the rest.
5. Cover the pump with lid to prevent any dust to go in. (Please note that the lid is for covering purpose only and It isn’t 100% leakproof.) It is advised to pour the milk into the bottles or storage bags for better storage.
Tips: Massage your breast with a hot towel before the use of the pump would help the milk to be released quicker and easier.
100% Made From Food Grade & Eco-friendly Silicone; Tested To Ensure Zero Chemical Leaching,Non-Toxic,BPA FREE, Phthalates, PVC And Lead Free. It is pretty secure for mum, baby and our environment.
Portable, Soft and Non-breakable,Non-Colic; Ultra-light Design and Perfect For Traveling; Matching with a Nipple and storage gasket makes feeding and milk storage more convenient; No Battery Required.
Ergonomic Handle Feature Reduce the grip strength and make the fast press more Labor- Saving, which let sucking milk a kind of enjoyment for mommy.
Best Uses: Relieve breast pain, breast lumps, and even mastitis cased by engorged breasts, It isn’t only a breast pump You buy, more importantly on the Breast CARE and Baby’s HEALTH.
Easy To Clean; Can Be Sterilized In Boiling Water. Vacuum Packaging To Inhibits Growth Of Bacteria, Mold And Yeast. Additionally, it is going to be MORE CONVENIENT when you’ve got a secure & all over disinfection each time the use of.